About me

I’m an author and journalist.

My latest book, a Young Adult mystery called Shiver the Whole Night Through, was published by Hot Key in November 2014. My first crime novel, a vigilante thriller called Even Flow, was published in 2012. A second, the noir-style The Polka Dot Girl, came out in 2013. My first book, the non-fiction GAA Confidential, was published in 2007. I also released a comic novel, Cold! Steel! Justice!!!, as an e-book under the name Alexander O’Hara.

For 15 years I have written reviews, features and opinion columns for several papers, including The Irish Independent, The Sunday Times and The Guardian. Several of my short stories have appeared in literary journals, in Ireland, UK and US. I’ve also written a play, which has had cast readings in Manhattan and Belfast. One of my film scripts placed in the top 5% of 6,000 entrants to the Nicholl Fellowship competition, run by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

I live in the west of Ireland and am currently working on more Young Adult stories.

Have a look around the site for news and excerpts from my books and links to newspaper articles. Please email darraghmcmanus(AT)yahoo(DOT)com re. journalism work, or if you’re a publisher interested in any of my books.


2 responses to “About me

  • Anne Flynn

    Hi Darragh, I tried to send you an email via your address at the end of your radio article in WE review..but it came back to me!! Anyhow, I read and enjoy your articles every Saturday but I just had to email you to thank you for making me laugh this morning re your cyclist tirade!! Hilarious and so true.
    From a big fan!
    (That even rhymes.).

  • Kevin Sloan

    Hi Darragh.
    I just read an article you wrote about smoking, “Make tobacco illegal or back off and leave us alone”.
    It was a very clear, logical, articulate and interesting, due to the fact that it wasn’t robotic and repetitive – it felt like you were just in the room talking to me! It was awesome.
    I very rarely look up a journalist, and when I do it’s usually just to see what they look like. However, I knew you weren’t just another guy reporting the facts and findings. Now after flicking through your site here, I realize my hunch was right.
    You have a new fan and his name (my name of course) is … ME 😀
    I hope to become a successful screenplay writer and YouTube comedian, but I’m currently battling social and generalized anxiety – I’m very hopeful and optimistic nonetheless.

    I know how to write and I know Im a damn good writer too, but I was wondering if you could give me a few quick tips on how to get organized and concentrate on the task of writing itself?

    Live long and prosper,

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