For two decades I’ve written features, reviews, opinion columns and satire for a number of papers in Ireland and the UK, including the Irish Independent, Guardian and Sunday Times, plus magazines such as The RTÉ Guide. And still do, in fact. And will continue to do, in all likelihood, until I make a bazillion bucks from books etc. and retire to a solid-platinum yacht moored off Antibes.

See here for my Guardian articles. There’s one in there about Twilight, but don’t let that put you off. Those movies are really good, honest.

The other papers aren’t so good at archiving online – which I don’t really mind one way or the other, I might add – but you can read some articles here and find more by putting in my name here.

Alternatively, Google “darragh mcmanus” and you’ll come across a whole pile of them. Here, I’ve even done it for you.


4 responses to “Journalism

  • lonewordsmith

    Dear Darrah,
    Was searching for your during the last week when Günter Grass died. I was going to pillage your great piece from The Guardian October 2009. When I wrote for asking your permission to use some of your account of the man. Then I found your email address was no longer valid.

    May I try again?

    Hope your books are getting good ‘press’ ! Best wishes

    Neil McPherson
    Freelance journo ex ABC Australia person

    • Darragh McManus

      Hi Neil
      Yes that’s fine as far as I’m concerned, pillage away. Not sure if the copyright rests with the Guardian, but I would imagine you’ll be fine. “Fair use” and all that.
      Would you let me know you got this?

  • Claire byrne

    Just read your article in tdays indo review page. I have to congratulate you on your honesty re Bob Geldof. You simply put into words what a lot of people are thinking but don’t have the balls to say. There’s nothing worse than an x-pat putting down their own country and its people. My own blood relatives do exactly the same as Geldof. If you make the decision to leave and make a new life, great. But stay the hell out, if one has nothing good to say, well say nothing at all. I also agree and compliment you on your comments re Terry Wogan. His recent little programme on his Irish roots was both commical, heart felt and honest. Well done Darragh.

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