Pretend We’re Dead

pretend we're dead cover newA mixture of Douglas Coupland novel and Richard Linklater movie, Pretend We’re Dead is set in Cork in 1996, on the cusp of the Celtic Tiger era. It revolves around Odhran and his friends, all young, over-educated and under-employed. Call them slackers, grungers, Generation Xers; they hang out, kill time and wait for their lives to start, wondering when this economic miracle is going to trickle its way down to bottom-feeders like them.

They’re sarcastic, amiable, ironic, sceptical. They’re post-modern, post-Catholic, well-educated, well-travelled, TV- and pop culture-addled. They’re Irish but with a global sensibility. And, until recently, they were the last generation to remember real recession, for whom decent employment was a dream, not an expectation

Pretend We’re Dead is a snapshot of a few months in their lives. Like thousands of people back then, they’ve left college with a degree but not much of a clue. They waste time, read difficult books, watch too many movies, talk pretentious bullshit, drink too much. They dream of becoming comedians, writers or alternative DJs, while working in crappy McJobs or drawing the dole.

The book is funny, warm and good-natured. It affectionately pokes fun at its characters’ self-indulgence, naïveté and benign narcissism, but these are mainly smart, witty, well-intentioned people. The title refers to a grunge song about the apathy of Generation X. Oh well, whatever.

This book is available for submission to publishers.

Please email darraghmcmanus (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

Read the opening chapters here

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