Neasa O’Hara has a dream. A social outcast, she can’t wait to leave Ribbontown, a suffocating nowheresville. And comedy, she’s convinced, can be her way out. Neasa has a gift for funny, clever stand-up. The trouble is, she’s incapable of actually doing stand-up – too self-conscious, too much anxiety. When local actor Karl Donaghy returns home, Neasa spies potential opportunity for both. She writes material which Karl delivers as his own.

Audiences love him, girls want him, Neasa is thrilled. That turns to heart-racing excitement when TV talent contest !!SuperHyperMEGASTAR!! comes to Ribbontown. This is her chance for fame and fortune. But as Karl’s acting and her writing push them ever-closer to the prize, she begins to see potential problems. For starters, how exactly is a man with the IQ of a slug going to handle interviews on live television…?

!!SuperHyperMEGASTAR!! is a funny, fast-moving comic novel, with a quick wit and big heart. A little bit, in fact, like Neasa and Karl themselves.

This book is available for submission to publishers.

Please email darraghmcmanus (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

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