Even Flow

The cover for Even Flow

Meet the 3W Gang. Regular young guys into movies, beer, reading, clothes, music, hanging out…and waging violent vigilante war on society.

New York City: a man hangs upside-down outside a skyscraper. He’s being punished by three strange vigilantes – and he’s just the first.

The 3W Gang believe that society needs balance – ‘enforced karma’ – through selective, brutal punishment of misogynists and homophobes. Wilde, Waters, and Whitman are inspired by revolutionaries and feminists, art and irony.

They’re the grunge vibe made flesh and made angry: cool, witty, sexy…and dangerous. Hunting them is a gay detective, determined to see justice done but getting more morally ambivalent as he’s drawn into their world.

Even Flow is action-packed, cinematic, funny, and provocative. It’s a fable wrapped inside a thriller. It’s Germaine Greer crossed with Kurt Cobain crossed with Dirty Harry.

It’s time for an Even Flow.

Published by Roundfire Books 

Read the first chapter here


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