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  • James Dargan (@JimDargan)

    Where are you, bud? Been a long time since you were on Twitter. Are you thinking of coming back? There are so many social media sites these days that I try to stick to the one or two – for me just Twitter and Goodreads.

    Best wishes and good luck now.


  • Paul Inglis

    “Where have all the adults gone?”
    Just read your article in spiked and couldn’t agree more. Finally someone has said it, i thought i was the only one who had noticed.
    I live in australia and i think it may be even worse here (the latest recycling advert with talking cartooon bottles talking in soppy voices springs to mind).
    I find radio unbearable to listen to due to the fact that every DJ’s target audience seem to be brain damaged children as they giggle like schoolgirls for hours on end over stupid inanities.
    Its creepy and its getting creepier.
    I am grateful you have brought attention to this.
    Paul Inglis

  • Mark Scheel

    Wow! You’re brutal on memoir writers. But I have to admit, I do agree with a good many of your observations. My eighth book, in progress, is a memoir. But the approach is not about me, but the people who impressed me some way along the road. I would hope it transcends the faults you identify–published excerpts have been very well received. Anyway, your piece was thought provoking! Thanks for that.

  • Marian Elliott

    Marian Elliott
    Sep 29, 2022, 11:55 AM (4 days ago)

    to darrahmcmanus

    Dear Mr. McManus,
    I went on your website to find this commentary of yours ( I Hate Memoirs) and it appears it is not on your site. I read it about a month ago I think and was fascinated with how closely I agreed with it even though I have in fact written a memoir.
    Perhaps my reaction has something to do with growing up in an Irish ghetto in Brooklyn NY where my grandmother — born in Ireland— and my mother had total disdain for anyone using the self-referential I. So strong was their influence I was unable to write in the first person and used Salmon Rushdie’s trick of writing in the third person. The story follows Robert Lowell’s suggestion “Why not say what happened” and leaves out the hindsight reflections. Consequently agents don’t want it. They are looking for the solopsism and banality. Because of sentiments like yours, I haven’t published it but more and more I am getting pressure from friends and family to “put it on Amazon.” I thought if I shared your comments it might help me explain my reluctance. BTW I am 83 living in Alaska with my husband Dan and have only been to Ireland once to visit cousins in Cavan and Clare and walk the Dingle Peninsula. I wish I could return.
    Could you send me a link or a copy to “I Hate Memoirs”. Thank you
    Marian Elliott

  • Paul S. Inglis

    Just read your “Rise of the spin-off” piece on spiked and i would like to say “bravo!” i have been saying this for years but you phrased it beautifully. I thought i was the only one who had noticed,.
    Keep up the good work,
    Paul S. Inglis

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