My books

I’ve published five books so far. Most recent was a Young Adult mystery called Shiver the Whole Night ThroughOther works include The Polka Dot Girl (2013), a noir-style detective story with a twist: all the characters are women. In 2012 I published Even Flow, a thriller about a gang of feminist vigilantes. In 2007 I brought out a non-fiction book called GAA Confidential, and released a comic novel as an e-book (Cold! Steel! Justice!!!) in 2011. All received excellent reviews, which you can read on the right-hand side of my homepage.

I’ve also written a YA novel which blends Celtic mythology with urban fantasy; a literary novel about “the meaning of it all”; a slightly-less-literary novel about a group of slackers in the 1990s; a very literary collection of short stories on a common theme of movement; and a comedy which crosses Cyrano de Bergerac with The X-Factor (really). I’ll be making some/all of these available on Kindle over summer of 2020 – links to follow as and when it happens. 

See more on each by hovering on the “My Books” link above, and using the drop-down menu.

Any books not already published are available for submission to publishers (including those released on Kindle by myself).

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