GAA Confidential

“If I had to choose between Ireland winning the World Cup and my county winning even a provincial title, I’d choose the latter any time.”

So begins this witty, original, provocative book, which dissects and pays tribute to the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). By turns miscellany, polemic, social history and work of satire, it’s written from the perspective of a pop culture-addled child of the postmodern age, who equally defines himself through an abiding love of the Irish national games.

It looks at the history, haircuts, personalities and defining moments, from Michael Cusack and his astounding beard, to the abolition of Rule 42. GAA Confidential smashes the myths, bangs the drum for games and fans, and asks all the big questions, e.g. how would Sunday Game clichés translate into Portuguese?

The GAA is the heart of Ireland – and GAA Confidential is taking its pulse.

Published by Hodder Headline 


Praise for GAA Confidential:

“Perhaps the funniest, most cultured book ever written about our national sports” Irish Independent

“Hilarious…an eclectic collection of anecdotes by an immensely talented writer” Sunday Independent

“Brilliantly illustrated, witty and genuinely fascinating…an essential addition to the coffee table” Evening Herald

“Sure to be a massive hit…the ultimate alternative guide” Sunday World

“Flip, smart, ironic and breezy…the sort of sports book one could imagine being read by almost anyone” Sunday Business Post

“A quirky, often hilarious, labour of love” Belfast Telegraph


Read some of the book here.

Buy the book on here.

Buy the book on here.


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