Red Raven

red raven book cover final



When their world is unchained, our world will end…

Red Raven is a Young Adult urban fantasy, which blends elements of adventure, realism, magic-realism, horror, mythology and pop culture. The book uses actual characters from Irish legend: the villain is the iconic Fionn MacCumhaill.

The story is this: Fiach Barden turns 16 in five days, right at Hallowe’en – but he has no time for a party. A powerful warrior has escaped the realm of dreams and myths, and now threatens to destroy our world completely. Only Fiach, aided by his friends (the coolest kid in school, a brainy sweetheart and a 3,000-year-old ghost-crow), stands in the way. He must use all his wits and courage, his supernatural abilities and extrasensory powers, to halt the villain’s plans. Otherwise Fiach, the town of Toomlake, the island of Ireland, the entire universe, will cease to exist.

How’s that for a happy birthday?

Red Raven is clever, funny, exciting and scary. It has moments of thoughtfulness and poetry, but above all is an entertainment. It sets three likeable, smart kids on a quest to save the world, escape with their lives (and for Fiach, win the love of fair Lasairfhíona)… and of course, make sure their parents don’t find out.

This book is available for submission to publishers.

Please email darraghmcmanus (AT) yahoo (DOT) com


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