Cold! Steel! Justice!!!

Get ready for a rollicking, rocking riot of raw, roaring reading, about renegade detective Christian Beretta, his resurrected-from-the-dead sweetheart, his partner with an over-eating problem, and the evil Mayor who wants Beretta deader than dead… In Paradise City, all hell is about to break loose!

Loose cannon Beretta was kicked off the Dice City Police Force for being “just too damn violent”. Now he’s BACK – for the toughest mission of his life. A deranged Irish-born Mayor aims to take over the rackets and execute criminals on live TV – and only Beretta can stop him…

Like the great straight-to-video cop movies you remember from the 1980s, the book is packed with violence, action, smart quips, daring deeds, racial stereotypes, gratuitous nudity, men wearing bandanas in flagrant contravention of all rules of taste, and at least one scene where a Mexican druglord is incinerated in his own car. As convention and tradition dictate.

In a world of pain, Beretta is the Novocaine…if Novocaine wore a sexy leather overcoat, smoked 40 filterless a day and carried a hand-cannon so enormous it makes other hand-cannons wet their underpants.

Cold! Steel! Justice!!! was published as an e-book under the pen-name Alexander O’Hara. This novel is available for submission to publishers.


Praise for Cold! Steel! Justice!!!:

“Completely hilarious…buy this book”

“I very much enjoyed this book…funny and very well written” Geeky Girl Reviews

“I had to read passages to my family because I was laughing out loud so many times…a delightful read…I loved it” Risque Reviews

“It is great at what O’Hara intended it to be…I laughed and shook my head their antics…five stars” Big Al’s Books & Pals

“Seriously funny…a cult classic in the making” reader review


Read a sample and buy the book:

Amazon US for Kindle here.

Amazon UK for Kindle here.

Smashwords for all other formats here.


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