The Driving Force

driving force cover newEverything moves, all the time.

The Driving Force (a book on movement) is a collection of 27 stories which explore the notion of movement, in just some of its infinite forms. The book also examines tangential themes of metaphorical and temporal movement, the drifts in our thoughts and the distortion of time.

Sub-atomic fluctuations, the swirl of galaxies, the deadly omnipresence of the automobile, the enduring romance of the railway, acrobatics, walking, dancing, hurling, sex and annihilation, rest and recklessness, the desire for speed and the fear of instability, the inexorable passage of light and time through the aeons…

Movement is reality, not merely an aspect of it. And through action, thought and conversation, The Driving Force proves a fundamental principle of this universe: that to be is to move. A variety of genres (drama, satire, horror, fable, realism, surrealism, hyper-realism) and diversity of styles (prose, poetry, screenplay, mock-transcripts) explore notions of time, space and endless, ubiquitous motion.

Sum, ergo moveo.

This book is available for submission to publishers.

Please email darraghmcmanus (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

Read a sample story here


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