Devil Hang Over Me



Devil Hang Over Me is a psychological thriller
about guilt, sin, obdevil cover finalsession and revenge, inspired by classic Gothic fiction like The Iron Shroud and Edgar Allan Poe, and films like Oldboy, Hard Candy and Cube. Tight, tense, unsettling, with a feeling of deep dread and menace intensifying as the truth is revealed.

Two women wake up trapped in a white room. Both are wearing hospital scrubs. There doesn’t seem any way in or out. The room is completely empty, nothing but perfect blankness – and the unsettling questions screaming to be asked. Who brought them here? And why?

Secrets are shared, the past unearthed, as they gradually realise that someone is watching them. Soon, each woman is playing a dangerous game. There may just be a way to escape this white tomb – but that doesn’t mean both will get to take it.

This book is available for submission to publishers.

Please email darraghmcmanus (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

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