Crime (fiction) hopefully pays…

Declan Burke is an old pal of mine, and more importantly a really good writer, who turns out crime novels with more style and flair than the average. And great dialogue – genuinely, you read his books thinking, “This would sound great booming out at me from a cinema screen.” 

Anyway, he also runs the iconic crime fiction blog Crime Always Pays, and was good enough to give a mention to Even Flow there t’other day. Dec writes, “An intriguing prospect, no? It certainly can’t be faulted for ambition, originality and lunacy, all of which, I think, are to be celebrated in a genre that has been known to err on the staid and conservative. Will it find a readership that is sufficiently energised by originality, ambition and lunacy? Only time, that notoriously rat-fink canary, will tell.”

I’ll also be writing a piece for CAP, on the origins of Even Flow, just as soon as I get around to it. Hey, this Diagnosis Murder box-set won’t watch itself, you know…

Meanwhile, a nice five-star review of Even Flow on Amazon: “…a startling reinvention of the genre of thriller writing. Evocatively cinematic…the characters are remarkably vivid…the book is intelligent, quirky & thought-provoking…one can only hope this novel becomes the movie it is destined to be, and that the author develops some of these characters into their own franchise. MORE PLEASE :)”

To read it in full, click here


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