Origins of the species

The very generous Declan Burke, brains behind the Crime Always Pays crime fiction blog, allowed me to write a piece on Even Flow, detailing the origins of the story. As I got further into it, I realised that the roots of the book were deeper and more tangled than I knew. It starts like this:

“The genesis of my thriller EVEN FLOW lies a fair way in the past. All the way back to 2002, in fact, when I returned from honeymoon with half an idea in my head for a story, or at least its opening scene: a group of yuppie assholes, abusing two call-girls at a stag party. Then three vigilantes blow the door off the hinges and stride into this beautiful apartment, clad in tuxedos and balaclavas, and announce that they’re here to punish the men responsible…”

For the rest, be nice and click on Dec’s website here.


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