Buy my book & win literary immortality!

My second crime novel, The Polka Dot Girl, has just been published. It’s a noir-style mystery with a twist – all the characters are female. And it’s fabulous, so you should all buy a copy. Or twenty. I won’t stop you. See here for more info and here or here to purchase.

Now, to sweeten the deal – though it hardly needs sweetening, considering how great the book is – and mark publicatio, I’m running a competition. Buy The Polka Dot Girl and you’ll be entered into a draw, run by me under the strictest conditions of fairness and probity. And the prize is: I’ll name a character after you in a future book.

A published book, not just a file I have lying around my computer marked “Completely Unpublishable Avant-Garde Junk Prose-Poem.” Although that does sound good, now that I think about it.

It may not be a major character, but it’ll be someone cool, nice, interesting. It won’t be a villain or a character who has something embarrassing happen to them or anything like that. It’ll be good. The minor details will be decided by fate.

The book might sell a million. (Ahem.) Or it may not sell much at all. But one way or the other, literary immortality is assured.

So email me at darraghmcmanusATyahooDOTcom, or tweet me @McManusDarragh, with a picture of you and the book. (Or you and the file beaming out of your e-reader thimgamabob if it’s the electronic version). And you – that’s right, YOU – could win yourself a place in history.

[Winner to be decided by swirling bits of paper around a giant hat. Judge’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. The Darragh Corporation accepts no responsibility for anything whatsoever. All rights reserved. Quality guaranteed. Guarantee is not a guarantee. Patent pending etc. etc. etc.]


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