Recent reviews for Polka Dot Girl

Last Saturday in the Irish Independent, their reviewer gave The Polka Dot Girl some big love:

“McManus has created a fascinating, and richly detailed, alternate all-female universe; you are well into the gripping mystery before you realise there are no men…Eugenie Auf der Maur is a brilliantly evoked amalgam of pulp heroes such as Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe, all hardboiled attitude and wisecracking lip…It’s a brilliant idea and McManus carries it off with style.”

Meanwhile, t’other week on RTE Radio 1’s Arena, Declan Burke said something along the lines of, “Fantastic set-up…normal hardboiled detective setting – the difference is, this is an all-woman cast…very tapped into that Chandler/Hammett style…also brings in elements of classical mythology…Genie is quite endearingly vulnerable…(the book is) a very interesting and intriguing addition to the genre.” Arena, RTE Radio 1


The Polka Dot Girl is still available to buy here and here. So go buy!


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