“Shiver” reviews from Ireland and Oz

Two more reviews of my YA novel Shiver the Whole Night Through – one from Irish newspaper The Sunday Business Post, t’other from an Australian online magazine for children’s books, Buzz Words.

I’m going to cheekily paste in the entire Biz Post review because their website is subscription-only and I don’t know if I’m popular enough that anyone could be bothered paying for a review of my book! But I have written for the paper on occasion in the past, so am trusting they will kindly indulge me…

“Darragh McManus brings an Irish flavour to the realm of supernatural teen fiction in Shiver the Whole Night Through. Set in a small town in the west of Ireland, its protagonist Aidan Flood is a benighted, bullied outcast, a punching bag to an “army of creeps and scobies and borderline psychos [who] would be locked up, in prison or the mental home, by the time they were thirty.” The opportunity for heroism comes in the most unlikely circumstances, as the apparent suicide of local beauty Slaine McAuley sets Aidan off on a quest to uncover the real details of her death. McManus paints an atmospheric picture of the rural locale, and the eerie forest, Shook Woods – the “Ground Zero for spookiness” – that lies at the heart of this mystery. A famine backstory adds subtext and texture to what might otherwise be Twilight-lite.”

And the Buzz Words review can be read here. Not only does the reviewer call the book “powerful”, they even see a movie adaptation. Which would be nice. Give me a holla, Hollywood…


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