“Shiver” in translation – excelente!

For the first time in my spectacular (ahem) writing career, one of my books is being translated into a foreign language. And to my surprise, it’s not in the usual suspects for an Irish novel – France, Germany, Italy – but the far-off, exotic climes of…Brazil.

Shiver the Whole Night Through has been bought/optioned/whatever-the-term-is by a publisher called Bertrand, which is part of the huge Record group. My humble tome will be joining the illustrious likes of the legendary Terry Pratchett, my fellow Irishman John Connolly and my fellow Hot Key man Edward Carey on their Young Adult list.

I don’t have a publication date as yet, but I’m still ridiculously excited about all this. Brazil! Shiver in Portuguese! Hopefully they’ll invite me down there for a big fancy launch party on a sun-kissed beach somewhere…


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