Making the ‘Scene

The very generous Gerard Brennan at Crime Scene NI has just run a Q&A with me. I’m talkin’ Even Flow, I’m talkin’ dumb publishers, I’m talkin’ Devil in a Blue Dress, I’m talkin’ Young Adult horror novels, I’m talkin’ a whole heap of gibberish. As usual, sez you. Such as this here:

Q4. Any advice for a greenhorn trying to break into the crime fiction scene?
Ooh, gosh…I don’t know. Whatever about getting published, I will give one bit of advice re. writing itself: read plenty crime fiction, get a feel for it, get to know its conventions and reader expectations, its limits and possibilities…but ALSO read lots of other books, too. Literature especially. It mightn’t seem like it, but I really do feel that a broad and (especially) deep reading history makes you a better writer, in genre fiction or whatever the case may be.
For the full Q&A, click here.

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