“Shiver…” – the first review is in!

Shiver the Whole Night Through isn’t quite out yet – official publication date is November 6, although you lucky people can pre-order here – but the first review is in. And it’s a cracker!

Big thanks to Dominic Kearney, journalist and author of crime novel Cast-Iron Men (www.dominickearney.com), for this very nice review in Belfast paper Irish News:

“Humiliated by his girlfriend and persecuted by bullies, Aidan Flood feels his life is not worth living. He decides to end it all. So begins Shiver the Whole Night Through, with Aidan teetering on the bridge, ready to leap to his death in the icy waters below.

It’s a dramatic start, and one that sets the tone for this, Darragh McManus’ first novel for young adults. Aidan steps away from death, but the world he steps back into is now filled with terror and violence, mystery and magic. His little town, isolated on the west coast of Ireland, is set to fall to the forces of evil, unless Aidan and Slaine – beautiful and enigmatic, not to mention undead – can stop them.

I’m no young adult, but I really enjoyed this book. It’s full of tension and intrigue, and it grips from the word go. There’s heat, ice, history, romance, danger, demons, glamour, hope, despair, and love, and it cleverly combines the supernatural with an uncompromising look at real, important, teenage themes, such as loneliness, bullying, and suicide. And in Aidan, it’s got a good hero, cool, bright, and real.

Nevermind that it has a few inconsistencies. You don’t want to stop reading, and the hints and nudges and red herrings mean you never stop guessing. It’d be no surprise if this is the first in a series of Aidan Flood novels. I hope so.”

May this be the first of many…


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